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Jun Lorenz Mamangon

President, CEO
JLM Endeavours, LLC

Appleman Recordings

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Jun Lorenz Lopez Mamangon, Co-founded N91Live, and the formerly known, M1M Entertainment Company. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Jun been a California native since his migration in the US in 1979.

Jun has extensive experience across a broad spectrum of Hollywood circle challenges – from building a vast network of movers and shakers from artist mangers to music producers, talent agents to successfully building relationships with well known promoters.

Jun's deep love for music and the arts & entertainment landed him his first DJ'ing job when he's only 16 at Philippine Nay Officers Clubhouse in his hometown of Global City where he was a resident DJ. His known for spinning brand new disco tracks from the US. He met Jopey Gonzales of 99.5 RT whom he learned a lot from including how to modulate his voice. His known to his friends as " Jun Boogie" due to his energetic dance moves at age 16.

In 1979, his father, a retired Philippine Special Enforcement for the city of Manila, decided to tour Los Angeles California with his two children. With only $750 to their name, and Jun barely graduating high school, left for Los Angeles in September of 1979. Sr. & Jr. decided to apply and get their drivers license and soon immediately applied for and was hired as parking attendant and ended with managing the Bon Wit Teller parking garage for the Silberman family – where they catered to famous celebrities including Farah Fawcett, Michael Caine, Irving Azoff, Robert De Niro, Ella Fitzgerald, Goldie Hawn, Sylvester Stallone, Marty Erlichman, Barbra Streisand, Quincy Jones, Madonna, to Babyface just to name a few... The rest is history.

In 1999, he owned his first production and hiphop dance studio in San Diego that he ran with his wife Irene who was a former recording star in the Philippines. After a successful 5 year run, they sold the studio for an undisclosed amount and moved to the city of Irvine where they live now ever since. And in 2006, he gathered a group of prominent investors to form N91LIVE a company he founded with his wife which then later merged with M1M Entertainment –  With both forces combined became Asia's leading booking & acquisition and live production partners.

Jun's major booking & acquisition endeavour was Grammy Award winning pop icon, Justin Timberlake and Grammy Award winning rapper/producer, Timbaland for a one-off charity event for the Philippines largest Telecommunications company, Smart Buddy & Smart Bro, both are Smart Communications Inc. companies. In years that followed, he was involved in about 75% of all the live endeavours throughout the southeast whether in acquisitions & activations  or bridging deals. And in 2012, he personally negotiated and met with Jennifer Lopez' long time manager Benny Medina and convinced him that a leg from her world tour to Manila would do phenomenally well, and it did. His knack for charismatic negotiation left AEG Live UK's Rob Hallett no choice but to hand him the Manila leg deal. His other accolade list includes Justin Timberlake, IRL, Jojo, Usher, Justin Bieber, Emblem Three, Manny Pacquiao, Shinhwa, Beyonce, Barbra Streisand, Ellie Goulding, Celine Dion, Leonardo Di Caprio, JLo, Hall & Oates, Old School Rewind, Rick Astley, Snoop Dogg, Alan Pineda, Bruno Mars, Gary V, Rihanna and Timbaland to name a few. His client reach goes beyond SE Asia, he has brand partners all the way in Indonesia and Malaysia all in business with Jun. His team's most recent accolade was the highly anticipated partnership in Jakarta ID, Mainland CH and Seoul KR's brand conglomerates. The company he built from ground up, N91Live, along with his SE Asian partners are now in the final phase of a five year LIVE EVENT calendar under JLM Endeavours.

"JLM Endeavours leading front as resource and one-off booking acquisition for the best concert sponsors and venues throughout Southeast Asia. We help clients and higher end venues, thriving promoters and brand event clients breeze through the booking process. JLM Endeavours world-class-team also provides a common space for global brand executives, activation teams, and production personnel to envelope vital information to implement best business practices. My goal is plain and simple, maximize revenue outcome sales growth while providing a world class experience for the clients we serve." – Jun

Jun has supported many local events and causes alike focused on diversity, inclusion and charities alike such as WEHO's first woman of color elected community leader and former mayor, SG Shyne's run for Congress.

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