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In Search of TNBH

We are looking for The Next Big Hit. Do you think you've got what its takes to be the next superstar?

Mixer Keys


We're not looking for a specific genre, but rather on the hunt for artists with the "it"! factor. You must have or the creative passion to write and compose your own music and songs. Please do not send us an audio file we would prefer your music link/s from your social media (ie; YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, etc.). To send us your music link, click here.

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Development. Production. Labeling.

Because of the amount of inquiries we are receiving, we may not get to listen and view every link. The process and waiting time period may take up to six months. You will be notified if and once there is interest in you and your submission. Thank you for reaching out. 

APPLEMAN RECORDS will only take and review solicited materials.

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